University of Pittsburgh Releases University-Branded Student Safety App

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The university-branded student safety app can connect students with 9-1-1, Pittsburgh police or campus security personnel with the touch of a button.

The release of the university-branded student safety app - Rave Guardian - was announced by Student Government Board member Ian Callahan and Board President Max Kneis at a board meeting on November 29th. Explaining how the app works, Callahan explained students will be able to share their location with a friend or guardian when they feel in danger and allow them to call either 9-1-1, Pittsburgh police or campus security personnel with the touch of a button.

Callahan was particularly enthusiastic about the timer alert feature that notifies a student’s set emergency contacts if they do not make it to their intended destination within a pre-set time frame. He said: “It just gives that next level of safety for all students. It gives peace of mind for people who are walking alone, makes sure that there’s someone always watching out for them.” Callahan emphasized the importance of the access to safety the app provides to students.

SGB President Max Kneis commented that the university-branded student safety app was two years in preparation due to the university having to update its existing emergency notification system to be compatible with the app. Now, in addition to being able to summon help from their smartphones, students will be able to anonymously report suspicious activity and receives warnings of on-campus emergencies such as a fire, a terrorist attack or an active shooter.

Release of University-Branded Student Safety App Well-Timed

The release of the university-branded student safety app could not have been better timed. The week after the Student Government Board´s announcement, the University of Pittsburgh Police Department issued a warning for students to look out for a man wanted for stalking and harassment. The man - Daniel Dintino - has a history of impersonating a student in order to harass female students both on and off campus, and a number of students have reported being approached by him.

Despite having been arrested for theft in Ross Township, Dintino was released on bail and police believe he may have returned to the area. The University´s Police Department have urged students to report any sightings or suspicious behavior (which can be done anonymously through the Rave Guardian app), and to call them immediately if Dintino is seen on campus. Students can download the app for free through the Pitt App Store, the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Thereafter, in order to use the university-branded student safety app, it takes just a few seconds to set up a free account. Students should use their primary University of Pittsburgh email address as their username (so as to receive emergency notifications sent by the university), a unique password and a unique four-digit PIN code. After confirming receipt of a confirmation email, the Rave Guardian app is ready to go. Full details of the apps features and how to use them can be found on the university´s Emergency Notification Service web page.


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