Campus Safety Apps for Students with Location Tracking

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The latest campus safety app for students includes a location tracking feature to determine the whereabouts of missing or unresponsive students.

Campus safety apps for students usually include multiple features to enhance the safety of students both on and off campus. Now, thanks to developments in GPS technology, the latest apps include a location tracking feature that can prove invaluable on life-threatening situations.

The location tracking feature is a key element of the safety timer function. This function enables students to set the length of time it would normally take them to travel from their current location to their intended destination.

As they are travelling, the safety timer counts down towards zero. Unless the safety timer is deactivated by the student on their safe arrival, an alert is sent to campus security advising them of a possible incident. Along with the alert, campus safety apps for students send a profile of the student and the location of the Smartphone on which the app is installed.

Once an alert is received, campus security attempt to contact the student. If there is no response, security personnel are dispatched. Fortunately, in many cases students have simply forgotten to deactivate the safety timer. However, when this is not the case, the quick alert and fast response can determine the whereabouts of the student and potentially save their life.

The Benefits of Location Tracking in an Emergency

The campus safety apps for students also now include an emergency alert feature. This feature quickly and simultaneously warns every student in the campus´s network of the risk of danger, and gives students the opportunity to evacuate the location of the emergency or find a save place of shelter.

Safety and security managers can access reporting tools that indicate who has received the alert and their location. Attempts can be made to contact students who have not acknowledged the alert via other channels of communication; and, if there is no response, the location tracking feature of the campus safety apps for students can be used to determine their whereabouts and send assistance.

In most life-threatening scenarios, the lack of an acknowledgement often indicates a student is unable to respond due to an injury or other obstacle. By being able to determine who is at the greatest risk of danger and their location, safety and security managers can quickly direct assistance to where it is needed most - again potentially saving the life of the student.

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The location tracking feature is not the only life-saving feature of campus safety apps for students. With the push of an icon, students can request help from campus security, call 9-1-1, or send an anonymous tip about suspicious behavior. Students can assign Guardians to their app so that friends and colleagues are also notified about their location and their safety.

If you are in a position of responsibility for on-campus safety and security, and you would like to know more about our campus safety apps for students, do not hesitate to get in touch and request a free demo of our app in action. After speaking with our technical experts, we will tailor a demonstration to match your specific circumstances and, if you choose to enhance your level of security with our campus safety app for students, design a branded portal through which students can download the app for free.


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