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Stay Connected

No matter the situation you are in, your organization is two clicks away and can provide the help and resources you need through the Rave Guardian app.

Why Download Another App?


Discreetly Contact Security

Prevent dangerous situations by discreetly sending anonymous tips with a photo or location as needed.


Stay Informed

Receive alerts based on your location, even when you don’t have a cell signal.


Never Travel Alone

Set a virtual safety timer for an extra layer of safety wherever you are.


find the resources you need

Access emergency procedures, schedules and other key documents in a custom content portal.


make the right call

Easily find assistance and resources with a custom call directory of your organization’s important numbers.


help is on the way

With a push of a button, you can directly connect to 9-1-1 or Security in an emergency.

See Something, Text Something


When you need to contact Security, you don’t want people overhearing.

Rather than risk not reporting a violation or suspicious character, submit a text message directly to Security or other key departments.

Only they will see the tip, and you can choose to stay anonymous for ultimate privacy.

Look No Further

There are endless websites, directories, and emails. It can be frustrating to try to locate key information and contacts-especially when you are short on time.

Guardian-inbox Guardian-content-directory Guardian-content

By having your organizations resources, contacts, and targeted messages stored in the same place, you will never have to waste time tracking the information you need down.


We Have Your Back

Walking late at night or traveling to new areas poses increased risks and safety threats. You are not alone.

You can set a virtual safety timer to have an added layer of security monitor your safety and if things escalate, an emergency call is just one click away.

We Care About Your Privacy


With Rave Guardian, you choose what information you want to share. You can share your location to receive geo-targeted alerts and faster response to an emergency call. However, you do not need to share your location or other personal information to use the app. You can access resources and submit tips even without your organization knowing who or where the information is coming from.

Any information you enter into the app is housed in top-tier secure facilities complete with 24/7 physical security, video surveillance, and alarms. The facilities and applications are regularly audited and subjected to intrusion prevention testing. We utilize the same secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate authority and encryption technologies used by leading financial institutions.

Purchase Rave Guardian for Your Organization

See how you can connect and engage with your organization through texting, confidential tips, location sharing, a call directory and a content portal through a custom-branded mobile app.

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For Users

If you are a user of the Rave Guardian safety app, please contact your organization’s safety office for all inquiries.


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